Add a datacolumn with data to a datatable


I have a datatable (via read range from an excel) and i have a datacolumn with some pre-filled data. Is it possible that i can add this datacolumn with data to datatable.

I see add data column activity is adding an empty column to datatable, but i want to add datacolumn with data in it

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Hi @garimavarshney9,

Can you share an example dataset?



Unfortunately, there is no method or activity to add column with data. So, we need to add blank column first, then set data row by row.

Or one of the laziest way is to use Excel with 2 WriteRange and ReadRange.

Let’s assume there is dt which has 4 columns and dt2 which has 1 column to add to dt.
First, write dt to “A1” of some sheet, and write dt2 to “E1”. Then Read from “A1” using ReadRange. it returns merged datatable with data.


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Hey @garimavarshney9

The data table model follows a hierarchy of rows to columns.

You can add data into a table only by means of Rows → Columns

So you can add a column & then iterate through rows to add values to it.

If the column gonna contain same value for all rows then you can just use default value prop while adding the column.

Hope this helps.


@garimavarshney9 How about filling the data once you add the empty data column to a data table

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