How to add custom headers to headerless datatable

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I need to extract data from an Excel range so far it works and I can use the data without problems. now the problem is, that the headers inside the Excelsheet are uselessly formated and I can’t read them in a good manner.
Is it possible to add the headers afterwards to the headerless datatable? so far I couldnt find a good way to do that.

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Fine we can do one
we can change the column name we want like this
with a simple assign activity
yourdatatablename.Columns(“yourcolumnname”).ColumnName = "new column name"
yourdatatablename.Columns(yourcolumnindex).ColumnName = "new column name"

where column index starts from 0 for the first column
hope this would help you
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TableName.Columns.Item(index of column).ColumnName = “your new column Name” . Pop that into an assign activity. If there are many I would store the header names in an array and loop through to assign them.

thank you :smiley: I totaly din’t think of this option. I only was searching for an activity.
@Palaniyappan, @sjr6728

Cheers @Roger.B

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