Add datatable gives the same headers, but i want new headers

hi friends,
i am currently trying to pull data from an excel sheet and using that data i go into a website and extract data from that website and put it into the same excel file but on a different sheet from where i pulled the data. i am using add data table to achieve this result, but the thing is on the new excel sheet it uses the same headers as the excel sheet it pulled data from. how can i set new headers.


If you don’t want headers then uncheck Add Headers option in Write Range activity.


As @lakshman suggested you can remove the Add Headers when you are using Write Range activity


If you want to change the column name for the new sheet where you are writing then you can also do as below

myDataTable.Columns(0).ColumnName = “newColumnName”

Where myDataTable is you datatable variable

Hope this may help you


trying to change multiple columns

@Shazid_Rahman If you want to rename the columns within the data table then you can use the solution provided by @Srini84

or If you want to rename the headers after writing to excel, you can use write cell activity where it will replaces the existing header data