How to add Check All or Select All in a boolean Column in a Form

Hi Community
I have a table with a boolean column in a form, I want to have the possibility to check all Cells with one click or with “Check All” Button and deselect some cells afterwards.
How can I do it?
Thank you in advance.


check as below

Make the Default value enable

So you can get all selected

You can clear later which is not required

Hope this helps you


Thank you for the response.
I dont want to have them all checked by default.
I want to have a “check all” or “select all” button or check box.

Any other ideas
Thanks in advance
Best regards

Could be done like this:

If you can run a bot to do it…

Hi Bruno
Thanks for the suggestion.
I cant run a bot for that because the client wants to have this possibility to check all items at a time inside the form.
I dont know if a json or html could help to have this possibility in the form.

Any help here please?

Who can help me here?