How do I make a "Select All" checkbox with Forms?

Hi there, I am trying to make use the “Select Boxes” component in my form and have a “Select all” box which automatically selects all other boxes when “Select all” is selected. I have no idea as to how to go about this and I have found nothing online. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Luca1 , the select for check all should be no different that using the other selectors. You will need to use the ‘click activity’ Are you comfortable working with selectors ?

Ah maybe my question wasnt clear enough. I meant creating my own “Select All” checkbox in forms like this. And when I select “Select All” all the other check boxes get selected

(the last checkbox “checkbox” is there for testing. just ignore it)

Hello, do you have found an answer, i am facing the same issue :slight_smile: