How to add Bulk items to Sharepoint List

I have a usecase of adding data from excel to sharepoint list.
I tried to use SharepointCustomActivities package, where i could find Add List item activity.But it takes a long time to add many rows of data to the Sharepoint List.
And the QueryGrouping option throws error on execution.

Any thoughts?

Hi @maverick78 ,
Your scenario is possible with the Excel and Sharepoint activities from the UiPath.O365.Activities, like this: Retrieve the data from the Spreadsheet as DataTable object, then retrieve the Sharepoint list information and Add List items to it.

An example on how to do it is:

  1. Retrieve file via “Get File/Folder” .

  2. Retrieve spreadsheet content via “Read Range”.
    If you use Read Range to get the data from the spreadsheet, make sure to leave “Add headers” property un-ticked.
    It is important that the Excel/DataTable’s first row contains the column names as available on the SharepointList.

  3. Retrieve the Sharepoint list information via “Get List Info”.
    Ensure that property “Include Columns Definitions” is ticked.

  4. Use “Add List Items” to add your Excel DataTable.
    Ensure that you indicate your DataTable variable into the field “Multiple List Items”.

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