How to Add Assertions in Test Cases

Hi Team,
I am using UiPath Studio Enterprise Version - Latest Version.

I want to create API Automation Tests in UiPath.
I want to put some assertions in POST - API request.

I have created a new Library Project.
and then I selected Activity named as - HTTP Request.
and then I clicked on IMPORT - and then I added a Curl.

UiPath successfully resolved the API endpoint and requests.
I can also see a response.

But can someone tell me,
How to Put some assertions to test the response ?

For example,
If I am sending a POST request to create a Customer with name John.
Then how do I add assertion in UiPath to make sure that Response contains the name as John.

Let me know please


If you want to validate the output…

Then you can use deserialize jaon activity and get the value you required…a json can be accessed using key value pairs… say output of deserialize is jobj then jobj("Keyneeded").ToString.Equals("John") …we cna check like this…this is for single level json…if its multi level then accordingly we can get the values by traversing

Hope this helps



Thanks for your message.
I will try this out.

Also could you please let me know about generating test reports.
can we generate reports in UiPath which will tell us what has passed and what has failed.

Let me know your thoughts,



If the test manager is there for you…then you can check the details from there…and export them to excel…if you want to do it from studio we have orchestrator api’s which we can leverage to get the results of the test cases

Hope this helps


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Ta !!! @Anil_G

I will have a Look.

I am still new to UiPath and learning.

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do you have any inbuilt functionalities or plugins that we can add for validating ?

@Sagar_Pandya1 UiPath.Testing.Activities Activities - About the Testing Activities Package - can be used.