How to add a variable in en email?

Hi, how do i add a variable in previous activity to an email body?

I am using below activity:

Hi @n.syifaa ,

If your variable is a string, just pass the variable in body.
If your body has 2 dynamic variable. use below syntax.



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if the variables scope covers covers the email activity as well use directly the variable wherever you need in the email activity.

if you are invoking the email activity you can pass the variable as an argument and use it in the email activity.


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The Body of an email is just a string. You combine variables with static text the same way you would any other time. Assuming you’ve got it set to HTML body…

"This is static text.<BR>" + thisStringVariable + "<HR>More static text with horizontal lines<HR>" + aNumberVariable.ToString + "<BR><BR>More static text"

thank you so much!!! its working now

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