How to add a project as an Activity

Hello everyone,

i am actualy having some issues to insert DeleteHistoryCacheCookies as an activity in UiPath.
I downloaded this on UiPath Marketplace, but it has been installed as a project, not as an activity. How can i insert it as an Activity?

See attached the project:

Hi @ANGE ,

You can rename the main.xaml (to avoid overlap with your main) in that code snippet and invoke that workflow in your process.
-Be sure of including the dependencies used by the cookie clearing project.

Another method is creating a library using that workflow.


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Hi Agne,

You downloaded a snippet not custom activity. Hence it is a workflow.

As suggested, you can invoke that workflow into your main workflow or convert this workflow into library and use it.

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Hi @Harshith_Adyanthaya Thank u for your reply. I tried to invoke it but it doesn’t work, may be i am not using it in the good way.
This is how it looks like:

Can you please show me how to convert this workflow into library ?


Rename the main.xaml if it contains the whole code…and copy it to the required project only the xaml file…and then try to use invoke…

Invoke workflow cant be used from outside the project

Alternately you can click on export as on top and click library …it would create a library and you can upload it and download from manage packages as an activity

Hope this helps


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It is fine. Just copy that file into this project and use it. Rename the main.xaml to other name and copy it to the current project folder. If there are any arguments, please input it.

To create library you can refer following post:

I would suggest to use invoke workflow itself.

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