How to copy from a project to a library

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I have a section of a project I need to convert into a library that other projects can use. How do I do that without having to recreate the whole section from scratch in the library?

I’m trying create a library using existing activities in a project but I can’t copy blocks from one project to another. If I have both projects open, I can copy base activities across, but I need to be able to copy a whole sequence at once.

If I move everything into a sequence or a flowchart, I can extract it as a workflow, but then I can’t add that xaml file to my new library… or any other project for that matter.




I think I just answered my own question. It’s a pretty dirty method, but it worked. Here are my steps:

  • create the library
  • create a new xaml in the libary and save it
  • extract the code I need to a workflow and save it
  • edit both the extracted workflow and libary xaml files using something like Notepad or Notepad ++
  • replace the complete contents of the libary xaml with the workflow xaml and save
  • open the library xaml in the libary project and do any clean-up required.

I guess it would have been easier to just copy the extracted xaml file to the libary folder, delete the library xaml and just rename to extracted xaml to match… but you get the picture.

Perhaps the fine folks at UIPath could consider adding functionality to add existing files to a project?


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