How to actually download "Download Documents of Envelope" activity?

I was able to connect my Docusign account in this activity called Download Documents of Envelope

When I select an envelope and run the activity, it just runs but doesn’t seem to be downloading anything. I created a variable in its output with “IResource” variable type, but don’t know how to actually download the said envelope.

If I search for the filename being downloaded, I notice that it’s finding this in the local temp folder, and if I rename it with PDF extension then open, it’s the actual file. How do I actually download this file to specific repository with the correct folderpath?

Guide on this please. Thanks!

Hi @earldantedumayag

For Each document In EnvelopeDocuments (EnvelopeDocuments should be a list of IResource)
→ Inside the loop, you can process each document as needed
→ For example, you can save it to a local file
File.WriteAllBytes("C:\Path\" + document.FileName, document.Data)

“EnvelopeDocuments” is a list containing the downloaded documents, and we use a loop to iterate through them. Inside the loop, we use File.WriteAllBytes to save each document to a local directory.

Hi @supriya117

Thanks for your quick revert, and really appreciate this!

Sorry I’m not well-versed with UiPath; may I ask what activity do I need to use for this one? Also, the variable type is just IResource, not list of IResource. Should I change the variable type? Thanks!


then directly use assign activity to save the doc in local machine:
“EnvelopeDocument” of type “IResource”
File.WriteAllBytes("C:\Path\" + EnvelopeDocument.FileName, EnvelopeDocument.Data)

Heya! When I tried your suggestion, it’s showing me this data. Apologies for not following thru; I’m a bit noobish with this, but really appreciate your inputs. Thanks!



First of all…it downlaod the file to local folder…

Try using irsvariable.FullName in log message which will give thw actual file location


Thanks for your response! When I did this, it only provided the name of the downloaded file, which is:

Please Docusign: xxxx.pdf documentid=combined

How do I rename this as just Please Docusign: xxxx.pdf and save it in say C:\user\documents?


Try to use this in log message



Thanks! I can see the full path now. I guess I’ll just use a Copy File activity to copy this file and remove the documentid=combined portion?

Or do you have a more efficient suggestion, something like File.WriteAllBytes("C:\Path" + EnvelopeDocument.FileName, EnvelopeDocument.Data)? The Data isn’t in ToLocalResource though.