How to achieve iterate in SAP Tree to identify if there is multiple task

Hi All,

I have a case where I need Robot to identify whether there is multiple Credit Memo Request or none in this SAP Tree.
Below is the screenshot of SAP Tree screen.
According to screenshot above, there is multiple Credit Memo Request and Robot need to perform its task for each Credit Memo Request.
Any idea how can I achieve to let the Robot know to select the second Credit Memo Request after Robot complete the first one?

Thank you.

HI @Gwen

Check out this thread you may get some idea

Also looping @StefanSchnell and @LevKushnir


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Hi @Gwen

Check out the thread



Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

I tried to refer the flow from the suggested forum link. But Robot unable to select the next Credit Memo Request and keep selecting the first one becoming a infinite loop.