How t get specific email from fakenamegenerator site

Hi friends, I want to get the specific email from fakenamegenerator site but it seems to get both the email and the the text below it; “This is a dummy text, clickhere to activate it”,Please help

Hi @RPA-botDev,

Can you please provide screenshot or input and expected output? I think it is worth considering Regex for searching mail pattern.

Hi @RPA-botDev,

Is it the pattern is statics, i means the email address is always on the same position ? if yes you can use split method

SplitText = [Your_GetText_OutputVariable].Split({" "},StringSplitOptions.None)

Put the output into array of string (String) variable. Then you can read only the email address using SplitText(0)

The ‘0’ number is referred to the output you expect.


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Use string operation on the text u receive by get text. Use replace and replace the line with a space. And then trim it.

Hi Shashi, can you show how to use replace to get this email with an example.
I want to get this email here:
This is real email, click here to activate it

" This is a dummy text".replace(“This is a dummy text”,"").trim

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