How Start with Queue Tigger in Modern Folder a Process in other Modern Folder?

I have the following scenario and have not found any information about the solution (if there is one at all)

The whole thing looks like this.

I have 2 processe:
Test1 in subfolder1 and process2 in subfolder2.
Both processes have a queue to run your processes.
Now I would like to use a queue trigger of process 1 in subfolder 1 to start process 2 in subfolder 2 which uses its queue 2 to process the processes.


I can’t find a way to address the process beyond the folder boundaries. Is there a solution?

Hi @Mario_Herrmann

I believe this is a design choice made by our team. Each folder is an execution “Package” that contains all things needed to run the automation. Although it is possible to reference assets and some other items from the parent folders, it is generally not the best practice and the queue items were excluded from this list.

Could you maybe explain your use case a bit, so that our team can review it and take it into consideration for future versions?