Can I add Queues to different folders in Orchestrator?

Assuming that i am running a job in “Default” folder, I want to add queue item to a queue in “Finance” folder in orchestrator. Is that doable? or will it be doable in any foreseeable future?

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Hi @Gluon,

If you are refering to a Classic Folder, this won’t be possible. It was formally called organization units, the aim was to segregate the resources between departments.

If you are refering to Modern Folders, this is possible if you are having a hierarchical structure to folders. If the parent folder has the access to the Queue the folder do too & so does the robot.

Here is a section from the UiPath documentation:

Entities in Modern Folders

Modern folders contain the following types of entities:

These entities can be shared across multiple folders in a hierarchical structure, or be specific to each individual folder or subfolder. Only those available in the active folder are visible in Orchestrator. Switching the active folder will also update the entities, and their contents, visible in Orchestrator.

Hope this helps. Kudos :slight_smile:


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