How read data in excel

Hi Team ,

i have data in excel with range column A to Column E , here i wanted to read the data from A4 to entire D column .

help me to right the range for it


You can give the range as A4, then remove th column after D using filter datatable

in filter datatable give columns as 0,1,2,3


Hi @Davuluri_Manikumar ,

Set the range property of the activity to “A4:D”. This will read the data starting from cell A4 to the end of column D in your Excel sheet.


Hi @RajKumar_DC ,

Do like this


Thanks for response , i have tired that way but ending up with

Hey @Davuluri_Manikumar
First you should check your last row:

  1. use read column acitivty
    output call eg. entireDColumn
  2. Find last row
    lastRow = entireDColumn.Count
  3. Now, you can use read range activity with range
    “A4:D” + lastRow.ToString()

Hey @pikorpa ,

thanks for response , since there were lot of empty cells were available in D column both in middle of the data and at end of the data , so i feel it’s difficlut to find the last row(After removing empty rows aswell.)

Hi @Davuluri_Manikumar ,

1.First read the entire worksheet (also make sure to play with ADD HEADERS)
2. Then add row count into second read range

As per your need there are blank cell in D column so in this case you can read entire A column to get the count of the row, as below


Vinit Mhatre

you can try remove empty rows using this vb,bet script:
This script iterates through the DataTable in reverse, checking each row in Column D for content. When it finds the first non-empty cell (from the bottom), it notes the index. It then removes all rows

Dim lastNonEmptyRow As Integer = -1
For i As Integer = dtExcelData.Rows.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
    If Not String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(dtExcelData.Rows(i)("D").ToString()) Then
        lastNonEmptyRow = i
        Exit For
    End If

If lastNonEmptyRow <> -1 Then
    While dtExcelData.Rows.Count > lastNonEmptyRow + 1
        dtExcelData.Rows.RemoveAt(dtExcelData.Rows.Count - 1)
    End While
End If

After executing the “Invoke Code” activity, dtExcelData will contain only the relevant rows, excluding the empty rows at the end of Column D. You can now proceed to use this filtered data for further processing