How put a image on a MessageBox?


Hello Everyone!

I’m need put a image on a MessageBox, to show in a pop-up window.

It’s possible?


I dont see any option to do that currently.
If you want to open an image than you can use start process:


What is the purpose of showing the Image in Message Box? Do you expect the workflow to pause while the Image is popped up?


I need show a image because I do a personal assistant, for new employers.

In this case, the imagem should illustrate the process that should execute.


I tried get a image with the command “load image”, and define a variable for this command, and show this variable on message box, but doesn’t work.


Not sure if it helps in your case, but try below solution.

ShowImg.xaml (6.94 KB)



What mean this “Assign delayMS - 5000” ?


To set a time(in ms) for how long you want to show the Image on screen, if you wish to close manually set it to 0.