How much memory is my Robot taking

So I’ve developed a POC Solution for one of my clients.
Now, since this is my first RPA project, I need a little bit of guidance.

Mostly, I am interested in how much memory will my robot need for this simple process.
The robot will check files in certain FTP location if there are files it needs to move them to other FTP location if they are no files, it needs to wait a certain amount of time, then try again, and so on and so on.

Pretty simple process.
I’ve found this image on the forum, but I want to ask people who actually had experience in developing a solution.


Thank you all in advance, and #happyautomation

HI @srdjan.suc

Based on my experience, for the Studio and the robot, you should be fine with a good 8GB memory. This actually mostly depend on the task that you have to do with the robots. In your case, it seems like a task that doesn’t require that much of a memory. So I think we can go ahead with a 4GB.

However, in the projects that I was involved, we went with 8GB RAM as the processes included some high processing and the app was quite heavy and slow.

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You should be able to see the memory consumption of your processes in Windows task manager.

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Thanks. I need to examine all these stuff when I start implementing solutions. It will be fun to learn more :smiley:


Just gonna be honest.
4GB is barely enough to run the operating system. If you’re using Studio, it can use 1-2GB easily, and begins to freeze up on a 4GB machine. If it is just Robot you are using, then it will use 300mb-2gb depending on how long it runs the process.

8GB will be much more beneficial for the sanity of the developers and testers. :laughing:
And, if you need a high density environment, I’d say “minimum” 16GB, but I recommend more. However, 16GB is the common cheap solution, and should work, depending on how many concurrent users you plan to access the server.

Hard drive storage is another concern.
If the C drive is partitioned with very little extra space aside from the system files, then you will run into issues, especially if you use high density with multiple users. The logging does take up a big portion of this space, however, you can redirect these logs to another better-partitioned drive as an option.



Nice, thank you @ClaytonM for detailed explanation.
Hopefully someday I’ll work in an High Density environment where it will be necessary to work all those stuff out (otherwise I will never learn it), but for now this is an Alpha project where only one robot will be deployed to do the simple stuff.

I will keep in mind all of yours tips :slight_smile:

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