How I will read naming convention excel file

Hi all, my question from excel, as i am working in Re-framework using Config file, i have mention all thing into config,
there is 2 input folder and there is some excel file which is downloaded form SAP with naming convention, i want to read file from these 2 folder how i will identify on which file i need to work , after reading file need to apply some filter and write into same and then attach file with outlook
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Helloo @priyanshu_Vatsal

  1. Use For each File in Folder activity Loop the file and read all the files from the specific folder

  2. Use Outlook Mail activity, If not available Download from the Manage packages → all packages and search UiPath.Mail.Activity and install it


As you are fownloading the files, you can store the filenames I beleive and then use them later in the process where ever you need…


But how, sometime i need to read file from folder1 and sometime from folder2


if you have the filename with you then directory.Getfiles("folder1path","filename").Count …will give you the count of files matching…if the count is >0 then it means file is present else file is not present…repeat same with folder2path…and then you know which folder has it

directory.Getfiles("folder1path","filename")(0) will give you the full file path

Hope this helps