How does UiPath Robot execute the XAML file and can this be replicated in Visual Studio

Obviously a UiPath project is comprised of .XAML files which are packaged up into a nupkg file and uploaded to orchestrator then downloaded onto a target machine to run.
Does anyone know how the UiPath robot runs or executes these files and if that can be replicated in Visual Studio using either C# or

I want to know if I can build a test project in Visual Studio and create a set of tests that can execute the XAML files and test them.

I realise I may not have explained this as well as possible so if anyone needs any more info please say so.


Good question @ConorSmalley

Check out the UiPath Infrastructure training tutorial in UiPath Academy the course deep dives into the architecture and they explain how each component connects to the other. I believe you should find an answer here:

Also this might give you some clue:

If you asking if is possible, the answer if ofc, or else uipath would not have that little component called Robot… :wink: