How to use UiPath file in Visual Studio?

Hi, All.
I have the question, how to use Visual Studio in order to use WindowsForm.
I want to know how create WindowsForm for UiPath File.

I know about where the exefile is and the path to the file, Mian.xaml, that I want to execute.

Please let me know how to write the code in VisualStudio.
I want to write it on the C# code.

Thank you.

Did you ever get this figured out? I have a similar question and no one is responding to my post…

No… I cannot.

Hello @Mickey, you’ll find an example here :

I also did it in one of my projects, you can find my Visual Studio solution attached: (3.3 MB).

Let me know if you need help.




I’m having a problem with adding a .xaml file from UiPath project to the solution in your .zip

Project does not build once my .xaml from UiPath is included in project.

This is the .xaml file that was added to your demo solution…

Ship Orders.xaml (138.0 KB)

Why are you trying to add the xaml file in your Visual Studio project ?

We are incorporating processes into our unit test solution.

What you can do from C# is launch an UiPath project, you don’t have to integrate it in the C# project. Please look at my first comment. Good luck!

Bonjour Masire, j’ai essayé de suivre de suivre votre exemple pour lancer mon robot à partir de mon application .Net. Par contre j’ai toujours cette erreur:

Could not cast or convert from System.String to UiPath.Models.WorkflowFileInfo.

Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider Svp.

Hey is is mandatory to host robot in WCF . Can i directly execute/start project from .Net c#.

Does the UiPath projects need to be deployed as the web service?