How do you use "Join Data Tables" in version 2018.4.5

How do you use “Join Data Tables” in version 2018.4.5?

Join Data Tables is based on the Join capabilities of most SQL languages. You can do 3 kinds of joins,

1.) Inner: This will only keep records where your condition is true. So if you are matching a column ID from Table1 to Table2, the output table will contain all columns and rows from both tables where a match was found.
2.) Left: This will keep all records from Table1. Fields from Table2 will be Nothing where the condition is not met.
3.) Full: This will keep all records from each table. The decision as to how to pair rows from each table together on the same row is determined by the condition you set.

For more on these types of joins, visit SQL Joins . The SQL joins work the same way as the joins in DataTables.

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bnadler004, please check if this demo helps: Join Data Tables UiPath | UiPath Join Data Tables | Join Uipath | Uipath Join Table | ExpoHub - YouTube