How do I use Type Into with delays between arguments

I use Type Into to send something like “Hello World” + “[k(enter)]” and need to place a short delay before the “[k(enter)]” (to allow a java dropdown some time to populate).

I do not want to use the delay between keys, and I prefer to do this in a single Type In activity.

Is it possible to have a delay before the “[k(enter)]”, in the same Type Into activity?
If not, perhaps this is something that can be included in a future release.

You should separate them into two activities and set each to WaitForReady Complete.


Actually we can given between the Activities, but within the activities as of now it’s not included

So Once you TypeInto “Hello World”, Use element exist / On Element Appear activity and keep the WaitforReady as complete as suggested by @postwick

Hope this help you


I understand the suggestions. I was trying to streamline my workflow.
For example “Hello World” + Delay(.35) + “[k(enter)]”
where Delay is actually the System.Activities.Statements.Delay() with some properties set.
I noticed when you type the +Delay a small popup shows there is something available. I just do not know how to use that Delay activity within type into. I guess it is just not possible.

If you use Set Text it has its own wait for ready property. Just FYI

You can’t do that because you’re trying to add a delay to a string, which makes no sense.

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