How do i update the header of my test case?

Hi. I copied a working test case and renamed it to a new test case name but the header of the test case remains the old value. How do I update this too? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @tile2,

The manual way
Sadly renaming the .xaml file does not update the Display Name or
Click on the outermost sequence in your test case then see the properties panel, you will then need to update the name to your required name.

To achieve what you are trying, you need to change the “DisplayName” property of the test case. Click on the outermost container not within the sequence but outside (sadly I cannot show this because of a recent bug/feature : The Sequence (container) is not shown in Studio 22.08 and 22.10) but look for the System.Activities.ActivityBuilder namespace within your .xaml file (I could get this by click in the read area shown in the image below)

The text you want to change is associated to the display name of System.Activities.ActivityBuilder

You could get the name of your workflows and set the property of the System.Activities.ActivityBuilder to the name of the workflow. You can then repeat this in a for loop for each .xaml in your project.

Hope this helps!

PS: Just so you know, changing this will not affect any of your logs. I understand you want it to be same across, which is great attention to detail. But just so you know, it will not affect your overall automation/ test.

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Thank you very much @jeevith for your help and prompt reply. You are the best! :slight_smile:

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