How do i structure/filter unstructured data?

Hi, Please see image full of unstructured data. This is just a test lot of data because the real data is scrapped using a get-text activity from an on in-house web app but the data structure is the same as you see there. My question how do I structure it, add columns above particular data and output it all to an excel file?

I can safely say that the unstructured data is consistent.

PS. I am a very new dev.

I think you will want to study the Split function for this :slight_smile:

Oh wow thank you. For clarity of the activities i should be using in UIPath. I have:

  1. Get-text
  2. Generate data table
  3. Output data table

Does that sound right so far?

If i where you, i would start by experimenting with one line of text in a string variable first… Like Split it on “=>” take the TEXT.Split(1) part and then Split that on “Submit” and then take the TEXT2.Split(0) part, test if will work to Split that using TAB char until you have an array with what will be your columns values.


If you are directly reading values from web application then use Get Text activity and if you’re reading it from notepad file then use Read Text File activity.

Hi, i have checked out the split function but am finding it difficult. I need to filter all strings / words only from the text file output variable and replace the whitespace with | delimeter

Is there a way to loop the the text in the .txt file and store all values in an array of string and then i read from that?

Yes, Read Text File activity serves this purpose, so you have to read all lines from a text file and generate a datatable from it right? If you upload one of this files here and tell me what columns you need, i will do it for you :slight_smile: (441 Bytes)

thank you. Please see attached

That text file do not look like it has anything like you posted before…

no the consept im try to prove is how to hnadle the unstructured dat. You can see both examples are unstructured. Would they be completely different to handle?

From the file you sent, what did you need done?

i need to know how to putt certain value from particular rows in the .txt files and particular positions in the .txt file, arrange the values to outputed to certian columns in an .xlsx file. The hard part is the data could change but the space they take in the file is the same everytime

I hope i make sense

Ok, for you to have a general idea how to process the file: Main.xaml (5.4 KB)

Amazing. Thank you

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