How do I solve this exception ? "The Switch'1 activity is not supported for execution flow control"

I am getting this exception when trying to run an activity in debug within the case of a Switch statement. the error doesn’t occur if I run the workflow before the switch statement.

How can this be solved if I want to debug or run from an activity i debug


@om9417 Can you share the screenshot what the Switch1 activity has

Hello @om9417 ,

As per my understanding you are executing dirty from the switch case and avoiding the previous steps?? Is that correct??

If yes, in the switch condition are you giving any value??

Here are some screenshots

if I try to run e.g from the 1st activiy within the switch “Click Agree” I get the exception. The expression in_variation_Decision is an argument with a default of “Agree”

This is when the failure appears after selecting to Run from activity “Click Agree”

In the check App state activity did you provide the in_variation_decision?? Also after the App state activity can you print this variable in a message box and check what the value it’s holding.

Then give the switch case. Execute in debug mode and step into method.