How do i get the last business day of current month

Hi Team,

I need to get the last working business days of current month excluding weekends as below, also please help me to write the same thing in excel

Feb - 28-Feb-2023
March - 31-mar-2023
April - 28-mar-2023

Please help me to achive this

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Thanks for your reply, but y i am getting as below? Month is not visible


=WORKDAY(EOMONTH(TODAY(),0),-1) this formula is giving an answer as 02/27/2023 but in Feb month the last working day is 28 Feb 2023

Hi @bhanupriya.cb

Check this out

Hope this helps thanks


On excel directly use this formula…and it should give the last working day


Here 2023 and 2 can be variablized depending on the requirement…this is for feb

If its current month always then