How do I get an ApiKey from the Google Cloud Vision OCR engine?

Friends, how are you?
Friends, I need your help … How do I get an ApiKey from the Google Cloud Vision OCR engine? Thank you!

Hey Karina, I had half an hour in excess, which made me create this to answer your question. Let me know, if that helped :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the video and attention!
I did as you taught and this error appeared. Do you know why?
Thanks again! I liked the video and subscribed to your channel.


Hey Carina, you need to setup your credit card to enable it. They’ll then give you 12 months and $300 during your trial.


but will this amount be passed on to me?

  1. In the Cloud Console, go to the Create service account key page. Go to the Create Service Account Key page.
  2. From the Service account list, select New service account.
  3. In the Service account name field, enter a name.
  4. From the Role list, select Project > Owner. …
  5. Click Create .
    I hope this will help.
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Hey Jensen,

I am trying to repeat your example for using Google Cloud Vision for Handwritten text and I faced with funny error. I created API Key in google developers console, installed UIPath. GoogleVision.Activities in UiPath Studio, but when I try to put “Handwritten Detection” in “Google Vision Scope” I get the following error:


Do you have an idea what can be wrong?