Google Cloud OCR - Information

Hello, anyone knows any site where explain the function of Google Cloud OCR?


Gianfranco Drago


input for this activity will be image and output will be extracted text and the word with positioning of the word.
for more detail refer :

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What I really need is prior to using the activity, knowing something about it. Because the activity asks for an api key and I do not know where it is obtained from.

Thank you!

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You have to provide you own API Key. You could register for a free trial here:

I try Google Cloud OCR. But this one show error. If you already have workflow for google cloud ocr, can show me???

Hi, Once we click to the mentioned link after step1 its asking the credit card details. So do we need to pay to use google cloud ocr?

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Hi @Snehamayi_Sneha.
It will request for credit card details because it is a paid service.
HOWEVER, Google Cloud offers a 12-month trial. :slight_smile:


Thankyou so much for your reply…

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You’re welcome.
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Do you know how much?

The pricing for Google Cloud Vision can be seen here:

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Thanks @Jan_Brian_Despi :slight_smile: