How do I filter Get Outlook Message by this month

Hi, how do I use the filter option in Get Outlook Message to get all mails for the current month

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Hi @shanen

kindly try with this buddy, in the filter property of get outlook mail activity

"[ReceivedTime] >= ’ " +now.Month+ " ’ "

Cheers @shanen

Hi, I tried that but somehow it only took emails till the 6th of this month, today is the 10th. I think the bot took that as grab all emails since the 6th of this month instead of just this month; because now.month gives the value 6.

Instead I used two filters, receivedTime more than beginning of this month and less than the end of the month. It works now. Thank you!


thats fine
in that case this should work
"[ReceivedTime] >= ‘06/01/2019’ "

Cheers @shanen

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