How do I contact UiPath for license related items

How do I officially contact UiPath for direct purchase of UiPath license renewal product, and where do i get latest authorized vendors in my Country (Brunei Darussalam), I’ve been trying for 3 days to contact them through the Contact Us page, but I can’t get through as the page seems to be in maintenance

@loredana_ifrim , @loginerror, would you be able to help on this?

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thank you, will be looking into this thread tomorrow, hopefully there is some clearance on it.

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Hi, any update on the inquiry?

Hi @afiqaiman

Did you try raising an request. Below is the link for that

@loginerror Could you help him on this.


Thank you, may I know where I can get the Device ID from? Current License is for Orchestrator On-Prem

hi any update on this :sweat_smile:

Hie @afiqaiman if you want to buy license or you want to renew your license you can do it from the orchestrator tentant license section where you can buy the licensed version hope this will help . realated to your concern … and in the right section corner you can see the contact details.

I’m currently on old UiPath Orchestrator On-Prem 2019.10.18, and there is no tab/web view that leads to purchasing license renewal

UiPath contact us page is still broken after submitting :sweat_smile:

Hello @afiqaiman, thanks for reaching out. I’ve been away for a few days and just noticed your tag. I’m back now and ready to assist you :blush:. I’ve forwarded your query to my colleagues who handle this, and I’ll also reach out to you separately to troubleshoot further. Thank you for your patience :raised_hands:.

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