Contact UiPath for quotation courses and licenses

Good afternoon people,
my company has released a grant for UiPath licenses and courses.
I’m from Brazil, São Paulo and I’m trying to contact UIPath to make these hirings. I know they have a desk in Sao Paulo, but I could not contact them.
I have already completed the form on the official website but I still have not had an answer as well.
I apologize if this is not the right place for this kind of doubt, but thank you for giving me some information.

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Have you contacted from here only ?

Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath

If not then select required topic and raise ticket.

Buddy @Rafaeloneil

Kindly contact the technical support team

still for any queries or suggestions regarding this, kindly contact @loginerror and @Pablito, as they could help you to proceed in a right direction


I filled out the form and I’m in contact with them, thank you


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