How do I assign List<String> to "N/A"


I have a list variable that contains a list of names from an datatable from one column. The problem im facing is in this excel sheet I am reading (3 sheets) not all sheets are populated some are blank so I need to be able to assign the list to “N/A” whenever the sheet is blank as the end output is the values of the list inside an email…

Any help would be massively appreciated…


You can try with linq as follows,

 Dim list As List(Of String) = dtusers.AsEnumerable().[Select](Function(r) if(string.Isnullorempty(r.Field(Of String)("UserCode")), "N/A", r.Field(Of string)("usercode"))).ToList()

Hi thanks for the response,

however i am not using any datatable. I want to be able to assign N/A to a list variable… :frowning:

@J_Swali, may i know from where you want to populate the list. I assumed your source is a datatable due to the highlighted text from your post.

Its okay i found another way to do this :slight_smile: thank you for your effort