How do I add headers to all my excel sheets

Hi guys, I am trying to create a header for every existing excel sheets that is within my excel workbook. Let’s say I scraped some data from the website and then extracted the datatable to my excel sheet (cell: A2 onwards), leaving A1 to C1 for my headers, how do I keep doing that for every new excel sheet that I created? Also, is there an easier way to add my headers (Product; Price and Country) instead of adding multiple write cells?

PS: Please refer to the pic below for your reference
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Hi @Conning

After scraping the data from the website and storing it in datatable you can directly use “Write Range Workbook” to write the data table to excel. Make sure to tick Add headers option. It will give the output with headers.

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OMG it worked!!! tysm!


You’re welcome
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