How compare 2 col form the same datatable to filter it?


I joined 2 datatables and I need to extract rows who have not the same number in two differents column (this is the same “object”, but can have different value in each datatable, the fusion have each columns).

Is Filter Data Table activity allows that ?


Hi Maxime,

When you joined two DataTables, you can there use types of join like Left join, Inner Join , they will automatically gives you your desired output.

Sahil Garg

I know this not what I looking for.

I will give you example :
dt1 :
id : 1, buy_amount : 2000
id : 2, buy_amount : 2500

dt2 :
id : 1, buy_amount : 2100
id : 2, buy_amount : 2500

dt_fusion :
dt1 :
id : 1, buy_amount : 2000, buy_amount : 2100
id : 2, buy_amount : 2500, buy_amount : 2500

Then I want to filter and get row who have difference between col 1 and 2, so here I get :
id : 1, buy_amount : 2000, buy_amount : 2100

Hi @Maxime_Bonis

To out put your result after joing the datatable u can use below linq query.

dt_fusion = dt_fusion.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) row(1).ToString<>row(2).ToString).CopyToDataTable

Hope it helps you

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Nived N

Happy Automation

We are close but I don’t know why it keeps filtered lines at the end of the datatable.

I make a filter datatable after your assign to keep lignes with col7 not empty. I’ll just figure out how to change headers now. Thank you.

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