How can we trigger a process of UiPath via Orchestrator in IBM Watson Chatbot

Dear everyone,

I’m developing an IBM Watson Chatbot with a simple context as following.

  1. Bot: Hello user. Do you want to trigger an UiPath process? Yes/No?
  2. User: Select Yes
  3. The system will trigger UiPath. Ex: In UiPath I have a message box with the text “Hello World” and after UiPath run, the text “Hello World” will send back to IBM ChatBot.
  4. The IBM Chatbot will receive the result from Step3.

In step3 & 4, is there any way to trigger a process of UiPath and receive the result from it?

Thanks so much,
Mr Huy

Please have a review of the Orchestrator API documentation, additional details can also be found by visiting https://<orchestratorurl>/swagger