How can we install nuget package explorer

Hi can any one tell me how to install nuget exolorer exe file not able to find…all am getting some zip files there is no setup file in git hub…and am using windows 8 not able to download the nuget expoler…

Did you check this?


Hi i got the zip file but when i extract it i see lots of dll and sub folders how can i find the setup up file or exe file to launch the nuget expolerer…



thanks i got it…

Hi vvaidya,

i am unable to install nuget package, could you please let me know which OS version will be support(my os is windows 7 professional service pack 1)… error is in below: ( [NuGet Package Explorer v4.5.46)…try to run in "Run as Radministrator"


Thanks in advance:)


Do we have any reason why do we get the popup (Any update on this)

  1. Run PowerShell (as Admin)
  2. Install Chocolatey: iwr -UseBasicParsing | iex
  3. Install NuGet Package Explorer: choco install nugetpackageexplorer

Enable the scripting by
Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
in powershell.