How can we get the modified Date from a file in Sharepoint?

Hi Guys,

Im trying to see the last modified date in Sharepoint.

But the date is always 01/01/1601.

Im using a Get Children names and after for each children using
“io.Directory.GetLastWriteTime(item)” to get the last modified date.

I think im using the wrong code, can you guys help me?

Thanks and Happy Automations.

Hi Jmieier.

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You can use Currentfile.LastModifiedDate

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Happy Automation

also have a look here:

Hi Blesslin,

I cant get the LastModifiedDate. That part isnt appear to me.

Hi ppr,

I dont have an aplication ID to use these packages activities.

Can you use “For each file in Folder” activity and try giving currentfile.LastModifiedDate

can you tell us more on how / waht you have used for activites so far.

Also have a look on

Hi ppr,

Im seing a certain folder in sharepoint and i want to know if the modified date is bigger than a date i have stored in an asset. If is bigger i want do donwload the file.

But i cant get the modified date.


Already try cant recognize that code.

If its a sharepoint list use camel query

Aggreed to the same. So have a look on the Get List Items activity


Its not a list.

I saw a person who said:

You can access the files through a normal file path (like network share) and get last modified in the same way you would for a local system file.

But doesn t work for me

Can We get the modified Date of a file from Sharepoint? - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

such scenarios can be achieved (telling similar story) e.g. by instead of accessing Onedrive’s files in the cloud the attached OneDrive folder is used.

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I understand what you mean but I don’t want to use One drive folders in this case.

yes, that why it was labeled as similar story

However, where the UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Acitvities do end, you can also crosscheck the SharePoint Rest Api on its capabilities

Also have a look here:

Going to try to do that, but i realy thought there was a simpler method.


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