How to get details of the file in a sharepoint

Hi all, I have a situation where i need to traverse through multiple folders which contains subfolders and then reach the end point which contains a file either of doc or xlsx or pdf format.I have to retrive its modified date and then give the path the file.
Pls help out

Hello. There is a package to be able to download/get path of a file from SharePoint (UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities) however I’m also unable to get file details. I’d also like to be able to read the last modified date - did you find a way around this?


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I’ve just found an activity to compare 2 files which may help you - XebiaCompareFile.Activities

This will return true if the two files you pass in have the same contents, if it returns true, the files are the same else they have been modified. Not sure if you NEED the last modified date or if you just need to see if it has been modified since you last saw it.