How can the InvokeCode activity write to the output pane?

How could I write to the output pane using the InvokeCode activity?
Or how could I run any activity for that matter?

I wanted to make a small, single-activity snippet that could write a dictionary (with proper formatting) to the output pane.

The write line activity has the following namespace:

That being said, this is the code I used:

But it says that ‘WriteLine’ is a type in statements and cannot be used as an expression.

In order to make single-activity snippets; how could one run the WriteLine, or any other activity within an InvokeCode activity?

Try using Console.WriteLine instead.

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Thanks! That worked.
Do you also happen to know how to run any other activity?

I’m not particularly good with VB.Net, but it looks like the original WriteLine doesn’t work at all the way that Console.WriteLine does.

I was able to find that if you create a variable to hold the object then you can reference it just fine.


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