How can one melt 2 datatable columns into one (thus lengthening the data) in UiPath?

I would be really grateful for any advice on a data (datatable) manipulation process. As part of an automation process I would like to - “unpivot” / melt a number of columns into one column.

This is very easily done in ‘R’ using the pivot_longer() (formerly gather()) functions and in Pandas the melt() function. I have already run this process in R and Python and understand that this code can be used by UiPath but my superior wants everything to be done in UIPath.

This can be done using power query in excel to “unpivot” - so I was hoping with UiPath’s excel integration I could do the same?

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I think you can execute python code within UiPath. Would that work?


@robert.pro2solutions If you can provide Screenshots or Excel files of how you want the Excel data or datatable to be transformed, we just might be able to implement it in UiPath using the normal way.


HI Hubs032, thanks for responding. Im aware of that and it would be so much more convenient, but Im the only one in the office who uses R and /or Python and my superior wants it all through UiPath so that others can understand. Its so much quicker in R / Python too

HI SupremePunch, thanks you also for replying and your kind offer. In the end I jjst copied the datatable 5 times and merged on the rows. Not very sophisticated, but I guess it works all the same. I was just hoping for a more programatic process.