How Can make Vlookup between csv sheet and xls sheet

Dear All how can make Vlookup between CSV sheet and xls sheet
i trid to do that with Vlookup activity but i don’t know how i can fill the input

and also how i can change any Value from NA to 0

Any help please


You can use the following formula. In case of NA, you can set it to 0.

Karthik Byggari

Hi dear i don’t know how i can use Vlookup activity and make this condition
could you please Guid me please


this is my Vlookup condition

Instead of vlookup,
You can use write cell activity to write the formula with a value -


In case of any error in the vlookup, the above formula writes 0 into that cell.

Karthik Byggari

thanks dear for your support

please can you share with mw xaml i’m still idon’t understand how i can do
you mean i need first use
Excel Application Scope
Read Range
Excel Application Scope
Write Range
thnaks for your support as i’m still new in Uipath

Please let me know what you are trying to achieve. So I can share you the sample XAML.

Karthik Byggari

Vlookup xlsm sheet with CSV sheet and get the number from csv and paste in xlsm in column B

Ok. I will send you the XAML file by today.
If files are not confidential, please share the files to me.

hi @Mohamed_Abbas,
Refer this


LTE report - (472.4 KB) (628 Bytes)

Please find the workflow. (94.4 KB)

Hi Karthik,
I had 2 excel outputdata and Sample_2-new_invoices Apri. 14, 2017.
I had to validate output sheet data in Sample_2-new_invoices Apri. 14, 2017 using vlookup. Outputdata sheet has 3 column and i need to validate all 3 column in Sample_2-new_invoices Apri. 14, 2017. Please help me out. is it possible using vlookupoutputdata.xlsx (8.1 KB)
Sample_2-new_invoices Apri. 14, 2017.xlsx (19.5 KB)

This video may help: