How can I wait until an element continues to exist?

Hello everyone,

I want to know how to implement a flowchart or sequence in Uipath that helps me scroll down the site. Once the image or text appears, it will continue to perform other operations. If the image or text does not appear, it should continue to wait. Thanks for your help.

Hi @WangJidong

Its easy… you can simply use the on element appear activity. This will allow you to perform a set of tasks when an element appears on the screen. In this activity set the wait for ready property as complete if you want to wait until the page is fully loaded. There is also another property called repeat forever. In case you don’t want to repeat the on element appear activity as a loop, set it to false as well…

This will help you to get your task done :slight_smile:

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That’s good ,Thank you very much.


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