How can i use Uipath robot javascript sdk api(UiPathRobot.init(), etc..) in nodejs code?

I am trying to use uipath robot javascript sdk api(UiPathRobot.init(), etc…) in nodejs code, but the following problem occurred. what should I do?


This is a feature I’d really appreciate as well. Will this SDK ever make it to NodeJS?

@wjdryap if you want to try something wild, you can run the JS SDK inside of chrome using puppeteer and pass the values in and out of the node process.

You could directly access the REST API or change the code in the node_module to the origin you want.

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Hello. Did you implement this UIPath SDK javascript in any of your processes? If yes, I have couple of questions, 1. Is uipath consent display popup is utilizing cookies & cache in the browser?
2.Is there a way to remove the uipath 30 days consent display page permanently? we have a requirement where we do not want to see the uipath 30 days consent display page. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you