How can I use a Hotkey to instantly stop an attended workflow?

Sometimes, I need to immediately stop an attended workflow (at any activity) by pressing the escape key or some other hotkey.

I realize I can use a parallel activity to enable a transaction to finish before detecting a hotkey but that is not my use case.

In my case, I want the workflow to immediately terminate. I prefer to stop the activity in progress but can also accept finishing the current activity if there is no other way. However, I do not want to continue onto the next activity.

Are you looking for this?

Or tell us if the process is started differently e.g. via assistant

Thanks but No. That button is to stop a debug session. My question is "How can I use a HOTKEY to instantly stop an attended workflow? I will clarify my question.

Hi @grosner,

If you are working on Studio, you can stop it with the help of the icon on the taskbar. Or you can stop it with the F12 hotkey. You can also use the stop button while managing via the assistant.




also when using run file we can use, but can be not comfortable when quickly to send the f12. However, we asked you on how / which component you do start the process. Unfortunately the question was not answered.

Again, thank you but not the answer.
I am referring to a running workflow. I want to stop it by pressing a keyboard Hotkey, like the escape key.

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Got it, you can define a shortcut to start it but I didn’t see a space to finish it.

I found a workable solution below. It would be better if this did not require a combination of keys or a confirmation dialog. My goal was to simply press the escape key (or some other hotkey), but this does not appear to be a viable option.

Additional Info:
This solution is even better because it is job specific and does not require confirmation:

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