Hotkey trigger execution for stop robot execution process


My robot perform execution in between I press f12 key for stop robot(through hotkey trigger activity)
how to stop execution and log out from the website and close the browser?

Is there any solution to stop the robot after taking some action?


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Hi @sams,
U can for example use one of the recent features which is Keyboard shortcuts:
You can define your own by going to the User Preferences and Processes Keyboard Shortcuts tab in the Robot.

Thanks for replying @Pablito,

I thing its works for my scenario.
Where did I see User Preferences UiPath tool?

@sams You need to right click on Robot icon in the tray and there is User Preferences option.

I didn’t saw User preferences. on robot.

I have studio license and attended robot without orchestrator.

These are new features since 2019.4.
You can see full list of news here: