How can I select options from Amazon Website based on user inputs?

Hello all, I am new to UiPath. For practise & better understanding of UiPath, I am automating amazon search based on user inputs via an input dialog.
Let me brief the entire process using screenshots:

Step 1 : The user selects an item from the input dialog like this:

Step 2: (For now I am handling only the first option - “Television”). When the “Television” option is chosen, it redirects the user to another input dialog to choose the desired screen size. The selected value is stored in a variable in UiPath studio.

Step 3: The robot launches the Amazon Website and searches for the item chosen by user (Television)

Step 4: (This is where I am facing the trouble)
The robot has to use the variable from the uipath (value from step 2) to filter the televisions in Amazon Website based on the screen size.

I am trying to select it using dynamic variable values in the selector. I have not been successful in doing so. Looking for some help in this part

I have attached the project files. Can someone go through them and please suggest me a way to choose the right selector ? I will be grateful for your help. I can mail you more project files or screenshots if required.

Main.xaml (15.9 KB)

Where you have Click A you need to change the selector to something generic enough to pick up all of the sizes you are potentially going to search for. I always use an Assign stage to do this.

I’m pretty sure the RPA academy has a section on dynamic selectors - have you been through that. Also try searching the forum.

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Thanks for the reply. I have tried the UiPath academy example on dynamic selectors, but could implement it successfully.

Can you please suggest me what the best selector could be for this question ?

Perform page down hot key after Price storing to make checkbox visible (on my end they were not visible)

strItemParticulars = “32”+chr(34)+" - 39"+chr(34) ( tv screen variable)

Click Selector —> "<webctrl aaname='"+strItemParticulars.Trim+"' parentid='ref_1485065031' tag='IMG' />"
Main.xaml (17.3 KB)


Thanks a lot. This helped