How can I read this xml if the header has an attribute

Hello everyone! How can I read this xml if the header has an attribute
I have installed only with Electronic Invoice, placing all the text of the label, but it does not work.

What I can do?
I need to extract the name of the issuer

the xml is defining is a namespace that is to handle for the retrieval

have a look here:

with yourXDocVar.Root.Name the combination of Namespace and Localname can be checked

it looks in your case that

YourXDocVar.Root.Element(yourNameSpaceVar+“Emisor”).Element(yourNameSpaceVar+“Nombre”).Value.toString could work and should return Zhili…

Let us know your feedback

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Excellent !! thank you

One last question, how can I get the type of identification?

With xmlXML.Root.Element (NameSpaceVar+ “Emisor”). Element (NameSpaceVar+ “Identification”). Element (NAmeSpaceVar+ “Type”). Value did not work for me

Elementname is Tipo, right? You had used Type as Localname in your sample

This is how i’m doing it
xmlXML.Root.Element(XNameS+ “Emisor”).Element(XNameS +“Identificacion”).Element( XNameS+“Tipo”).Value

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