How Can I read in Excel cell?

Hello Everybody

Within the activities dedicated to Excel (in Studio X), I can’t find any that you read witout for each.

I understand that this should be simple, but I can’t find a way to read something in a cell … Can you help me?


Maybe just set your “range” as just one cell is the way to go…

There is no designated activity just to read from excel. But on any activity you have the + menu where you can find the “indicate in excel” meaning you are reading from excel. So you will point for example to a cell/range/table/sheet from an excell file and the output will be whatever the activity offers like save for later, copy to another range and so on. Just to make it short, indicate in excell works like reading from excel file.


For example use message box activity and indicate in excell to a cell where you have something. Then run the workflow. You just read from excel and output to message box.

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