How can I process all the "Name of results Save" column's rows for a date variable (like yest date) using Excel query?


P.S> today’s date is 30-04-2022
yest date is 29-04-2022

Update: I’ve reached this stage…if anybody can help further
Book2 (1).xlsx (9.8 KB)

Hello @anjasing ,

Cn you make it more clear? Do you want just to get the Todays Date and yesterdays date or you want to categorize the Date of Save?

I want to process all the rows of “Name of results save” column for a single date for e.g. for 29-04-2022

You can make a filter of Datatable by the date. Then you will get the list of items. You can loop through it and process

Can you please help with the same. It’s urgent??


Check as below for your reference

Hope this may help you


I’ve tried this but it’s output is not coming correctly as expected.

Could u plz check on the update I’VE mentioned in the post (68.1 KB)
Use this workflow, Just change excel file location.
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Thank you sooooo much It worked :slight_smile:

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